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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Oh you guys actually group with others and run instances when leveling? I haven't done that since my first toon. We solo when leveling until we get to the group quests. Then we power level those. Then we are back at it. With the reduced xp per level and increased xp per quest, leveling is simple. It also helps if you follow Joanah'a guide or what ever her name is. That cuts the time from 0-60 down to 3 days game played.

Once you get to 70 then you go holy or stay shadow for PVP.
With my druid and my shammy I have power levelled by having either my rogue or my bf's 70 mage run them through all the low instances over and over again.
I have levelled to 70...I know what its all about Im SO not up for the 1-40 levelling again....
After 40 I dont mind it so much.....but those first levels are awful!!

Its a nice way to get some good gear and awesome xp as well.
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