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Default Re: It's official. HD DVD is dead.

Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Which then was followed by the comsumers accepting an unfinished product and declaring them the victor by buying the format over the completed competing one.

Don't blame the Blu-Ray Disc Association, they released an incomplete format to make sure that HD-DVD didn't have too far of a head start... you (as in consumers) are the ones who accepting their decision by buying it.

In the end its the consumers fault that Blu-Ray won... don't blame anyone else.
omg. you just make **** up to satisfy your own viewpoint. cmon back to reality. BDA didnt release it incomplete on purpose.

the only time products are released incomplete is when a competitor beats them to the punch or they have to meet a deadline.

no one releases incomplete products on purpose. what a ridiculous statement. furthermore, consumers choice? yea, that's cause average joe got BD rammed down his throat everywhere he went. best buy and other places have been pushing BD waaay before the article. it's all a bunch of bull**** and you know it.
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