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Originally posted by Chalnoth
It's a start. Remember, these updates have only been within the past month or so. Previously, the only support for the nForce has been from slightly modified versions of other open source drivers. This is definitely a good first step for nVidia to start really supporting the nForce.
Sure, its a start and as I said I am grateful that nVidia makes Linux drivers for their products. Even if Linux is getting more and more common it is still a minority system, but I (And I'm sure a lot of other Linux users) are sick and tired or having to wait a long time for Linux drivers that compared to their windows eqvivalents doesnt have half the functions.
I see no reason for nVidia not to open source these drivers so they can be integraded into the Linux kernel, it would make a lot of things better for us nVidia Linux users.

Anyhow, I got the sound issue resolved by using ALSA, but I still think its kinda user unfriendly since alsa isnt integrated into the current stable kernel. When version 2.6 is released I guess this will be resolved.
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