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Default Re: WoW: Deleted my toons

Originally Posted by darkrider01
FYI: Conan rules. I've been Beta testing for a few months now, and I must say that it wins. It still has tons of bugs to work out, but oh man does it deliver the Conan Universe. I just hope that the final product stays true to what we see in game right now (i.e. not-safe-for-children).
DUDE! PM me your impressions on it. I want to know about the combat system. Is it a pain in the butt, is it too complicated. How about general feel of the game!

More than any game out there, I have wanted to play this one. I love the look at the game. WoW is too pretty for me but Conan is dirty, dark and gritty. I love that. YEAH BABY! it makes me hawt. Ok so I when a bit to far there. Any way PM me. Tanks.
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