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Default Re: precision t7400 beats skulltrail

Originally Posted by Madpistol
I just watched the video...

Do you realize how much money is required to get one of those workstations? just upping the processor to the X5460 pushes the price over $3000 for the computer.

And why are we comparing a workstation computer to an enthusiast performance part? They're in 2 different markets. On another note, buy a less expensive skulltrail motherboard, and overclock your processors, whatever they may be, and you save tons of money compared to the workstation.

Sorry, but I just don't see the relevance of this thread.
I don't think your Market argument holds that much relevance here, in a way.
I mean, the skulltrail is based on a workstation board. Everything about screams Workstation.

Jolle Said it Best.
Originally Posted by jolle
Seems like they´re taking a workstation thing and putting it in the entusiast segment, while pricing it as a workstation platform..
So.. its a workstation platform.. for enthusiasts.. but for workstations.. enthusiastic workstation?
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