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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by thor1182
wait till 70 when gear comes to play... its just sad really. However ferals are getting a PvP buff in nurturing instinct, so who knows. It might not be enough to matter. The 4 piece boomkin arena set kicks some serious ass, and I am one week away from having it. The speed boost will be fun until 2.4 rolls, but then I will enjoy quicker booms with SF
Yeah I think I remember seeing a pvp guide somewhere saying that a properly geared feral druid will destroy warlocks practically uncontested.

I just had another back and forth with a different warlock (me 58, him 59) and it was a mixed result. First time he had the drop on me, and I won. Second time I had the drop on him, and he won. Though in both of those battles I stayed strictly in cat form so I didn't use everything at my disposal (charge, bash.)

One problem I repeatedly run into with warlocks and hunters, is that when I lose the target for whatever reason (clicked off on accident) I try to tab back to him and always get the damn pet, even after hitting tab more than once. I have to waste precious time trying to click on him.
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