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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by AlphaWolf_HK
In terms of what? Attack power? Defense?

Some of the feral druid gear out there will make you pwn in a battle. Hell, get just two peices of the nordrassil harness, after you dish out your first wave of attacks drop yourself an insta-cast regrowth followed by lifebloom. Let them dispell it, it only helps you. You'll way outlast them in the battle.

you are talking about the t5 2 piece set bonus. Unless you are in a good raiding guild, or you are level 80, you can forget ever getting anything form that set.

Feral PvP at the high end:
-lack any good way to stun like rogues or war's can (we have some, but nothing like they do)
-only form of silence or spell interrupt comes from the s3 gloves
-bear does not do enough damage to amount to anything against most targets (rogues/pallies) being the exception
-cat has next to no survivability to stay in it long enough to kill most targets before they kill you
-do have SOME fear resist, but not much
-most feral dps gear lacks int or +healing to make our heals worth a damn
-pvp gear with resilience reduces damage done by dots, which is one of Ferals biggest source of damage, our bleed dots.
-"range bug"

now in places like AV, WSG, AB ferals can be decent to good depending on what they are doing. They will not wtfpwn anybody, just enough of a pain to stay alive, or keep someone else alive. In arena, we are a liability to the teams ability to ever rank high.

Now keep in mind I practically did nothing but pvp in bgs back when they gave xp from 50-60, and grinded my ray to rank 9 in the old honor system. I also did a fair amount of feral pvp to get the s1 honor bracers for a tank set.

I do find balance PvP a lot less frustrating than feral because you are at least range so its harder to get kited around, and its a lot easier to have access to heals and a druids CC when in caster form.
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