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Default Re: Druids: the end game

something from the WoW druid boards on feral pvp

In arena they are below average.
All brackets - You can find a rare case where a feral has some friends and he kinda hides and rides on their 5v5 team, but that is not the norm and the team would do better with almost any other class.

In BGs its a little more complicated.

Your the second best flagrunner next to Paladins.
If they dont know enough to Focus-Fire you early, you will cap allot of flags.

Your below average.
Stealth lets you surprise some people, and smart druids who use water form and the river system can really sneak past allot of enemy players at speed.
But in general unless you out gear your opponent, you will have a hard time killing anyone before they either heal up, get a heal or get some help.

The spread nature of the battleground map and the value of your stealth really shine here.
Your still not valued for your ability to send your enemy to the graveyards, but your utility allows you to cap flags and generally cause mischief to the enemy.
This imho is the most fun a feral can have in the game in pvp currently.

1 v 1 duels
You will be hard to kill.
The simple fact that they cant run but so far away from the duel flag acts like a poor mans snare, giving you a boost in some way. You will do well here. If you outgear your opponent you will win.

To sum up:

Cat form deals decent dps - but has not snare or healing debuff.
Cat also has poor survivability lacking all the utility of the rogue, but maintaining the weakness of the same.

In most battles you will be forced into Bear form and at that moment, you have most likely lost the battle.

Bear form has great armor and HP, but almost no damage.- its almost a self induced Crowd Control and only postpones your death.

This message is my opinion gathered through countless hours of PVP in WOW.

I have played a feral druid for 3+ years and I approve of this message.
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