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Originally posted by connyosis
but I (And I'm sure a lot of other Linux users) are sick and tired or having to wait a long time for Linux drivers that compared to their windows eqvivalents doesnt have half the functions.
I see no reason for nVidia not to open source these drivers so they can be integraded into the Linux kernel, it would make a lot of things better for us nVidia Linux users.

Originally posted by connyosis
Anyhow, I got the sound issue resolved by using ALSA
but it still doesn't support multi stream right?

how long should we have to wait ???! I really prefer to get SBLive for $60 Aus than with current user support for linux. Also why there's no Bass and Treble control for both Win and Linux driver? does the hardware really not support it? it's really a shame for a sound card that people claim can match Audigy 2 but can't adjust Bass and Treble.
I know we could do something about it with equalizer, but bass and treble control are more convenient than we have to tweak that equalizer, some people just don't know how to adjust an equalizer you know!.
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