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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Hahaha...thats a brave statement.

Different talent trees and different player levels of experience come into it.
Technically, every class has the ability to kill every other just depends on the way you play, and the way your opponent plays.

I can garuntee there have also been times when you have been owned by every other class aswell.
We all have at some stage.
Course. But I get to choose my battles

My favorite thing to do when I feel like random player killing is sit in the middle of a road and rawrtrap mounted people. Basically they are just riding along on their mount, and by the time they realize there was a cat in the middle of the road that they just ran over, they're already dead

I don't think I've ever been killed while doing that, works on players much higher level than me too. If a skull comes up I just walk off of the road tho.
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