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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Go on...take on the skull
Heh I've actually done that once Not with the rawrtrap, but what I am pretty sure was a 70 rogue was strolling near crossroads so I figured I'd see how far I could get with him. Took him down to somewhere less than half of his total health, maybe 40% or so before he topped me off. Not bad for somebody my level I'd say.

Often times I don't mind trying my luck against somebody who is clearly out of my league, you don't have much to lose besides your dignity when you pvp in this game. Sometimes I do well, I was fully expecting to lose against that 60 warrior I mentioned earlier for example.

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
So as a warning, I would suggest that as OL approaches...gear up.
The alli seem to like to pick oin druids, the way we like to pick on gnomes and huntards (and by we.....I mean, me)
Supposedly on my server the horde owns the outlands basically.
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