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Originally Posted by Lyme
What about mini-disc? Or all the other failed formats Sony has pitched over the years?
Mini Disc did very well in Japan and had a pretty strong following over here. I still think my NetMD player sounds lightyears better than my iPod. It's just the iPod is easier, less content control and hold ALOT more.

Does look like Sony has had a success with Blu ray though. It has a catchy name, comes with their console and lets not forget the buckets of money Sony and the other BD supporters poured into it.

It's a lot like the original xbox, everyone expected it to fail, but MS kept at it and kept at it, and now look. Xbox is THE console and the PS3 is bringing it up the rear.

I myself always preferred HD-DVD, but BD is now at a stage I'm ok with it being THE format.
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