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Default Re: WoW: Deleted my toons

Originally Posted by nVJoe
Just before my account expired, I went in and deleted all my toons. LMAO!

I really do hate this game. Life is so much more.... REAL now that I am not stuck behind a monitor late into the night playing a game. I don't have this problem with FPS. I can play them for a half and hour or so and then go get stuff done around the house.

My life back FTW!
I think I should do the same thing. I've been playing it nonstop for about 2 months now (and regularly since release) and have found myself opting out of spending time with friends, family etc. Like you said it's the only game I can't just play for like 30 minutes or so and then do something else. I want to stop playing it but I keep thinking of reasons to keep playing. In fact the thought patterns I've been experiencing are alarmingly similar to quitting cigarette smoking! I go through these phases with the game where I burn myself out, stop for a week or two, then go back to it full-force. It really is a waste of time and I'm probably missing out on a lot of other things by continuing to pour time into it. Also I think it's making me slightly antisocial and irritable.
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