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Default Re: At last Paramount finally gone back to Blu!!!!

Originally Posted by Imbroglio
wow not too many logical ppl in this thread... one added vin to ignore list out of own ignorance, lmfao, hypocrisy at its finest.

so now people are buying bd that were waiting for the format war to be over, and for those that previously on had hddvd.

yet the following seems wierd?

2 formats, 1 dies, logically the surviving one would grow?

apparently people in this thread: 2 formats, 1 dies, *gasp* sales have surged zomg, look at the lead now

*slaps forehead*

people with egos continue to grow more populous here at nvnews
assuming you're saying i'm hypocrite just because i added vin to ignore list? how's so? did you actually follow several posts of vin from other threads? its so oblivious that he likes to troll whenever blu-ray is mentioned. i posted the link on blu-ray sale increase to follow up Gregor976's post or anyone else who is curious or interested. i also mentioned about more blu-ray players coming and might see lower price on those in the near future. i wasn't trying to gloat or anything.

i didn't understand why people should get fussed up with that, it's annoying.
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