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Default Re: At last Paramount finally gone back to Blu!!!!

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
assuming you're saying i'm hypocrite just because i added vin to ignore list? how's so? did you actually follow several posts of vin from other threads? its so oblivious that he likes to troll whenever blu-ray is mentioned. i posted the link on blu-ray sale increase to follow up Gregor976's post or anyone else who is curious or interested. i also mentioned about more blu-ray players coming and might see lower price on those in the near future. i wasn't trying to gloat or anything.

i didn't understand why people should get fussed up with that, it's annoying.
1. i dont troll. i look for the sony fanboys that constantly talk about how superior everything sony is and i throw facts in their faces.

2. im glad you added me to the ignore list. now i can trash the hell out of you and cant say anything cause you dont even know it's there.
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