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Default Re: KVA_PAGES & nVidia Driver

Originally Posted by RussianE39
According to
users of FreeBSD 7.0 should increase KVA_PAGES to 512 in kernel config to make ZFS usable on i386 platforms (otherwise with intensive disk i/o kernel will panic with kmem_map too small message), but after increasing KVA_PAGES to 512 nvidia drivers starts to incorrectly output video overlays (green window instead of overlay video), the most strange thing that this behaviour could only be seen after 2-3 hours (sometimes 5-6) of box uptime. This can be easily checked with mplayer -vo xv or gl2 . This is "stable" bug, checked at 3 boxes, with different hardware specs.
I use KVA_PAGES with success on the last 169.XX drivers (from ports)
and this time with 1Go kmem_size. (previous only 600Mo and no KVA)

Most strange : my card (8500GT from ASUS fanless) stop to run Xorg (X freezes the computer when trying to start) after several days with the new driver and KVA kernel. But text (console) is OK. Back to normal kernel and previous kmem_size is OK (not hardware related ?)
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