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Originally posted by extreme_dB
I can say that if Nvidia supported triplehead in their highend card and ATI didn't, with all other relative aspects being the same, then I'd buy it for sure, along with the necessary monitors! As long as triplehead is actually supported in the games I play. I'm mainly into racing simulations, mechwarrior, C&C RTS, and Civ3. I'm looking forward to HL2 and Doom3 also.
3 monitors at once in a game will be supperb.
but you can count the people that have that cash$$ and even if you have the money ,you will need a video card 3xtimes faster than the NV35 and R350 to play at HQ settings in those games. so its not something we are going to see anytime soon.

what i will like to see in games 100% optimized for DUal CPus or any other higher number of cpus you may have in your PC. ATlonXp's are pretty cheap .just imagine the performance you will get with 2 atlonxp2500 plus..
at the same time. much higher without a doubt that a single P4 running at 4.2 ghz.
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