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Default Re: Druids: the end game

On second thought, I think I might grind for four pieces of the wildheart raiment anyways and see about doing the quest upgrades for that to the feralheart raiment. As it currently is, my existing gear is rather crap for my level. I have it optimized for high damage output and high crit, which does allow me to bring people down quickly, but the stam and armor level of my existing set is rather poor which is bad for battles that last longer than 30 seconds.

I'd go for the shadowcraft but its too god damned hard to find groups that don't have rogues who complain about you needing on that stuff. (why did blizzard have to make a rogue quest for that? *sigh* I so hate doing instances with rogues in the group for so many reasons beyond competing for armor though...) Either way though, the pre-bc druid armor really sucks and only accommodates caster druids, with the exception of a few of the set bonuses.

Hell one warlock I was fighting with (and killed, btw) had more health than I do while in bear form, and more armor than me while in cat form, which I think is a good sign that my gear sucks given that he wears cloth and I wear leather.

Regardless of what is practical to obtain at my level though, I am saving my pvp honor points for 70.
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