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Default Re: At last Paramount finally gone back to Blu!!!!

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
then why troll on my posts? all my posts' not all about sony. sony is overpriced and not always best, so can't you quit assuming i'm sony fanboy? i have ps3 just becase i like games. i know a lot of people are pissed because hd dvd lost but thats fact. i'm trying to tell people that players' price will drop (not sony of course) in the near future. no one is being forced to get player now.

i removed you from ignore list, hoping we can get along.
I just bought a nice Sony Bravia panel, it's a great TV... but Blu-Ray is a fooking joke in all honesty. Sure I will try and get involved, but it leaves a sour taste... SD DVD growth was a liberation, this BS is a joke.

300 .... ($580 for you American folk!) is alot of cash to cough up for a system that delivers far less than a 120 HD DVD player.

The only players that look to drop in price are the crappy profile 1.0 ones, the rest are rediculous.

Not sure about the rest of the world, but VHS > DVD was a far more linear and consumer friendly transition in the end and did actually offer more value over the likes of VideoCD.
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