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Default Re: How can Orthos run for an hour if Prim95 fails after a minute?

Originally Posted by sillyeagle
I picked up a Q6600 G0 yesterday and the thing sucks. I couldn't even get it stable at 2.8Ghz before adding the bios update, and even with that the thing is not stable.

Running at 3GHz I can run Orthos for over an hour, small FFTs on all four cores, but if I fire up Prime95 it errors out within a minute. How that be?

Wish my chip wasn't a piece of ****. I was running at 3.5Ghz with my dual.
You have to use old bioses in order to achieve any sort of overclock with the 600-series of chipsets. Believe me intel's quad cores just don't mix with nvidia chipsets. :-/ Mine's perfectly stable at 3Ghz, but anything over that and it becomes unstable...(you could also try lowering the multi to 8x to see if there are any fsb holes - 450x8 is the only way for me to reach 3,6Ghz, but requires a lot of juice! Kind of wish I had gone for an intel based mobo instead.... 400-450 fsb won't boot for me and even 3ghz was unreachable on newer bioses.
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