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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
Unless the nerf involved removing Fel Hunters, Curse of Tongues and Fear I don't see how this would effect Warlock dominance over Mages, not that a mage can't beat a lock (esp with free iceblock) just that most of them really suck and can't see past the lust for big crits and thus play stupid.
They did nerf a lock talent, though I don't remember which one though.

You know, now that I've looked at different talent trees and whatnot over the last few days, I think I see the scaling problem some of you guys mention here. There are many talent abilities that increase based on attack power, a specific stat, etc. Feral druid has no such thing though (with the exception of bear armor,) instead his increases only come from percentages of base stats, and one talent that increases ap based on level.

Gear wouldn't improve him as well as it improves other classes (or even balance druid) for this reason. Apparently this wasn't so until some patch (2.0.10 I think it was) changed a bunch of the feral talents to remove the scalability they once had, on top of the overall nerf to bear dps. They effectively nerfed geared kitty dps as well. I might consider respeccing my druid to balance at 70 because of this, though I am mixed as to whether or not it would be as fun to play as feral druid is.

This is one thing I hate about MMO's, you can spend tons of time building what seems like a powerful character only to later on have him turn out to be not so powerful. Only thing I can do is continue to enjoy how powerful he is until I hit 70 I guess. Balance looks powerful enough, but damn, I just want a class thats fun to play with my play style, and I am not sure if balance druid would be what I am looking for. I may end up just quitting the game if it isn't. The builds in this game are just too cookie cutter and none of the other ones really fit my play style, with the possible exception of a shaman.

Meanwhile though, I really enjoy playing feral druid.
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