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Default Re: Where can I find the cheapest blu-ray player?

Originally Posted by RaidenWoW
I was wondering.... $100~ wanted a good blu-ray player with all features.
the best way as mentioned would be a htpc, but if by all of the features you mean dts-hd, don't expect anything out of a htpc other than DD. they just recently found cheaper means of making the blue read lasers, i know that chinese companies are attempting to pick them up, so you may see 1.0 possibly 1.1 profile players for ~100 by the end of the summer. you won't see any brand name 1.1 players drop even close to that low for a while, unfortunately the expensive process beat the cheaper format, and now the consumer is forced to deal with the prices as attempts are made to cheapen the process to make these players (not even mentioning the price of the media).

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