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Default Re: At last Paramount finally gone back to Blu!!!!

Originally Posted by NaitoSan
then why troll on my posts? all my posts' not all about sony. sony is overpriced and not always best, so can't you quit assuming i'm sony fanboy? i have ps3 just becase i like games. i know a lot of people are pissed because hd dvd lost but thats fact. i'm trying to tell people that players' price will drop (not sony of course) in the near future. no one is being forced to get player now.

i removed you from ignore list, hoping we can get along.
i was only antagonizing you in the other thread because you were pointing out the obvious and treating it as if it were something remarkable. i dont mean to troll, but the current situation of the market is ridiculous. i mean, the end of the "format war" is good and all, but what the hell is the point if it's going to cost $300-$400 for a bottom of the line player?

what bothers me is that people act like it's the greatest thing ever, and the truth is, it's not. hell, maybe in 3-4 years it will be. but atm, it's a POS.
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