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Originally Posted by NaitoSan
why am i naive? it's facts from various sites, that blu-ray is usually doing well on movies. if people want hd dvd to win, why aren't people buying more movies? if hd dvd movies has been sold more and beat blu-ray then studios will be more likely to drop blu-ray format. unless you have proof that studios' decision isn't based on what consumers choose.

if you mean sony paid several studios to back blu-ray exclusive... those stories aren't even confirmed so we never know. i understand that several of you may be pissed and want to believe it's true so you can rub it on people's faces.
for the 100th time. the average consumer is a sheep. that is the truth. people buy what they are told to buy. why do monster cables sell? because people are told to buy them. ****, why does advertising work at all? because people are told what to buy.

BD is the same thing. it's no different. people were told to buy BD, so they did. and many of them with 1.0 players will pay the price down the road. your argument that "the consumer chose BD" is true, but it's still BS. (figure that one out lol)
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