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Default Re: At last Paramount finally gone back to Blu!!!!

i think you are taking my posts to extreme, like a few people here. i know a lot of people hate blu-ray and wish it didn't win or die in few months.

some people make it sound like blu-ray is really crap but really it's not that bad. yeah it has it's disadvantages like price. people make up some facts which isn't true like all blu-ray uses heavy drm, all are region locked, all still uses crappy mpeg2, people with profile 1.0 won't be able to play profile 2.0 ready movies, etc. i don't think they use drm (or do they?), and over 100+ titles are region-free, and only first wave blu-ray movies use mpeg2, people can still view profile 2.0 movie and most extras but not pip / internet feature. a lot of people don't really care about pip / internet feature. most people just buy for movies alone.

so blu-ray isn't entirely pos. maybe for you and that doesn't mean it's pos for everyone.
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