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I think everyone need to realize that this *WAR* is based on maximum entertainment of todays distributed formats...You wanna cry about it go ahead cry about it, but the hard fact is what happened happened. If you think you can make them, as in Sony, pay for what they have done then try and not buy the hd format of choice. Heck boycott them but what is that going to do? Tell you what, I will tell you how much I love the picture and sound from my X named disc. I own both players and I and kinda happy that I will not have to buy different formats for different producers. People say sony if greedy and monopolistic.....blah blah blah....Why is Sony in business? *WE* as consumers keep Sony employed, funded, and R&D'ing. The so called monopolistic format winner....Call me a troll if you want, Ignore this post, you guys need to go out and change things or shut up about it. Stating facts mean nothing because the biggest state ever stated about this subject right now has already been documented..Go ahead eat it up guys...
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