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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
Unless the nerf involved removing Fel Hunters, Curse of Tongues and Fear I don't see how this would effect Warlock dominance over Mages, not that a mage can't beat a lock (esp with free iceblock) just that most of them really suck and can't see past the lust for big crits and thus play stupid.
Lifetap just got the **** nerfed out of it.

It now scales on a percentage basis. You lose 20% of your maximum health and get 20% of your current mana pool back.

So if you are at 10000/10000 health and have 1000/9000 mana and use lifetap, you'll lose 2000 health and only get back 200 mana. Basically bye-bye to warlocks endless mana pools.

Fear (iceblock/trinket ftw), curse of tounges (remove curse ftw), and a fel hunter (water elemental) I can deal with. What I frustrates me is the near endless mana pools that locks have. They can simply outlast me unless I kill them fast. Now that isn't going to happen.
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