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Default Re: Apple TV, Blu-ray, DVD & HD Cable comparison

Originally Posted by Mr_LoL
Actually mate I just signed up to lovefilm. For 18.99 a month, you can rent games as well. So I have burnout paradise on its way to mme for the ps3 and Planet Earth Blu-Ray as well. I can't be bothered buying certain games anymore.
I'm with them already, saves me a fortune.

Get all my 360 games from there that i'm not sure of. Only buy and keep the ones with good online play otherwise it's hardly worth it most of the time.

So much better than paying stupid prices for Blockbuster rentals, amazes me how people still use that place.

Those Apple TV units are pretty cheap now btw, 40GB one is 189 and 160GB 289 from Might aswell buy a PS3 at them prices though.
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