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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by Zelda_fan
Lifetap just got the **** nerfed out of it.

It now scales on a percentage basis. You lose 20% of your maximum health and get 20% of your current mana pool back.

So if you are at 10000/10000 health and have 1000/9000 mana and use lifetap, you'll lose 2000 health and only get back 200 mana. Basically bye-bye to warlocks endless mana pools.

Fear (iceblock/trinket ftw), curse of tounges (remove curse ftw), and a fel hunter (water elemental) I can deal with. What I frustrates me is the near endless mana pools that locks have. They can simply outlast me unless I kill them fast. Now that isn't going to happen.

A Lock fighting a Mage doesn't need to life tap. If he does something is wrong with the Lock. The Life Tap nerf, if it goes live, will be annoying sure. But its going to effect raids (and Arena, I guess) more than anything else. Way to cheer to for lowering the efficiency of the group.
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