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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil
A Lock fighting a Mage doesn't need to life tap. If he does something is wrong with the Lock. The Life Tap nerf, if it goes live, will be annoying sure. But its going to effect raids (and Arena, I guess) more than anything else. Way to cheer to for lowering the efficiency of the group.
Well remember that not all of these changes are for PVP. I am pretty sure the lifebloom nerf for example was due to this making the game too easy in certain PVE cases, I don't think it will affect PVP a whole lot. I haven't used lifebloom in PVP yet, but looking at the way it heals you, I think resto druids already depend on keeping 3 HoT's up in e.g. arena (keep their health up rather than allow e.g. a crit to wipe them out, which doesn't happen in PVE) rather than just rely on swiftmend like they do in PVE, so a slight nerf to one of them wouldn't matter much.

Also the nerf doesn't effect feral and balance druids as much as it effects resto druids, so they haven't really lost any PVP edge (assuming my understanding of the way wow handles the math, their multiplier is already low, so lowering the coefficient doesn't change much.)

I don't play lock, but I think it is possible that this is to make PVE more challenging for them given that their dots can now do more damage to more mobs. Rather than make them this powerhouse that can destroy anything with their infinite mana, they now have to try to deal damage more efficiently.
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