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Default Re: Age of Conan the first directx10 MMORPG?

IMHO aoc is one of the best looking MMORPG to date... looks like oblivion but online . THe water looks amazing ., many of their enviroments too.. THe ability to combat while riding horses or beast its awesome for an online game.For nothing won the title of best mmorpg at E3 , There are places that could be tweaked but over all it looks like a winner.. in graphics and gameplay. I really hope that AOC destroy all others online rpgs that still use so yesterday tech and force mmorpgs developers to take notice that people doesnt upgrade their computers for nothing and that there are so many people that really cares about next generation graphics in their game ,not just gameplay ,and make games that truly shines in the latest Dx10 cards.

CAnt wait..
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