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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by killahsin
having a skilled rogue + a dps shammy = heaven to any instance party.
This was part of an entry taken from the blog of a very experienced and well skilled rogue that I have contact with.....

"Iíve also seen first hand that many encounters really struggle without rogues. For example, last night, we went into Tempest Keep, and at High Astromancer Solarian the rogues were all killed as the healers struggled with the arcane missiles for some reason. All the rest of the raid was alive, but the fight failed because the interrupts on the priests the boss summoned were bad. This encounter, and many many like it need the control of a rogue.

Iíve also noticed that raids where a shadow priest is not returning mana to the casters (mages and locks) really causes them trouble now, delivering an advantage to rogues again. Iíve also found that the BEST melee party is a team of 5 players with a melee shaman dropping windfury, a mortal strike warrior and three rogues. This delivers the most dps from a melee team (certainly at my level) If you are building raid teams, then thatís my advice! If you want to take 2 rogues, then replace one with a feral druid, or a (really good) retribution paladin"
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