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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by Dvahlish
Why do you hate doing instances with rogues?
Rogues offer unlimited amounts of big dps to an instance, they do not rely on mana every 2 secs like some other classas do.
Quite often in an in stance my rogue (combat mace) will top the dps, and therefore my guild are always happy to have me with them.
Not all rogues, but many of them just piss me off. For example in BRD there were those little squads of dwarves that you have to take out individually, I told the group to stand back and let me pull, most of them did except the rogue. I had this rogue who kept insisting on walking up there with me anyways, and half of the time he would bring one pat group back with him while I was trying to pull a different group.

Rogues in PUG's do this kind of crap all the damn time. Most of them think they are these badasses that can take out every mob quickly and make my tanking job difficult by pulling agro before I can, and they find out the hard way that they make a horrible tank, and after they die the mobs scatter making my job a hell of a lot more difficult. That, and rogues roll on the same gear I do.

A proper rogue on the other hand, is good, but they are damn hard to find. My guild has a few good ones, but they aren't my level so I can't run instances with them.
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