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A review of a gamer - is console version -

Definitly not for non Lost fans. Take away the alure of the show and this is basically a one dimenisonal p.o.s. It plays more like an interactive episode and involves practically no gameplay what so ever. Seriously they should give this thing free in a box of cereal.

Gameplay = 3
The core 'gameplay' is puzzle solving but theres just no puzzles in the game, the only thing that consistutes puzzles are little mini-games ripped straight from the security hacking in Bioshock. Outside of that you have to fire your weapon about 3 times (literally) and then theres the occasional chase scene which has you jumping over logs etc. But you'll spend most of your time picking up junk and running between characters.

GFX - 6
Meh - So so. Some nice locations but the characters look alittle dull. Kinda reminds me of Pirates of the Carribean.

Sound - 5
Voice work = ****
Music = Good

Longevity = 2
6 Hours = 815 Achievement Points

Overall 3/10

I can't even recommend this to hardcore Lost fans. It doesn't give any real relavent or interesting insights into the show (Apart from the ending, maybe). It only really serves as a refresher course on season 1 + 2, but do yourself a favour just watch the boxset.
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well, just finished the Game. Lots of Stuff that LOST - Fans will like, the photo-stuff is a tad annoying but i really liked the exploring part. Trading is pretty much useless exept for the Lamp and Fuses, the minigames are okay and the Endling leaves you with a big WTF. Not a Game of the Year Candidate, but an allright adaption
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