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Default Re: Druids: the end game

Originally Posted by OldOfEvil

Arena is ok, if your into that sort of thing. But I don't like how its now dictating the balance and direction of the game. Currently I'm doing that with some friends; Playing with little enthusiasm to get our PvP gear.
Yeah if you aren't a warrior, resto druid, rogue, warlock, or priest, you can forget about ever being anywhere near the top in arena.

IMO with the restrictions blizzard already puts in place on the arena, they may as well make it oblivion style where you are required to wear a certain type of gear before entering the arena, which is given out freely and only works in the arena. And they could make this gear different for each class to balance it up a bit, and require that class to wear one of three different sets of garb (one for each talent tree basically.)

Then they could tweak this gear however they want to balance the arena without bothering the rest of the game.

Then reward victory there with gear that is good OUTSIDE of the arena.

Either do that, or get rid of most of the restrictions they have entirely (no consumables? wtf? and I can't even use three of my class abilities? Yeah right.)
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