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Default Re: WoW: Moments of Pwn

Only a couple I actually remember.

The first was long ago, pre-TBC, I was PvPing on my 60 Orc Female Rogue doing some Arathi Basin, anyway...I'm up defending the lumber mill and 5 Alliance come up there and spank me down, luckily the res timer fired before the could cap the flag, I rezzed up and stealthed. I had given them a pretty good lashing (for one rogue) so many of them were drinking/eating. I decided it would be faster and easier to just rez somewhere else but I could always slow them down a bit before they head to the next flag. So I stormed in swords blazing. I blew all my CDs, Adren Rush, Evasion, Blade-Flurry and to my surprise I survived. 5 dead Alliance laid before me. I do believe after that I spammed guild chat with a few WTF OMG! It was one of the best moments in WoW I had ever had.

The second revolves around my newer Level 70 Shadow Priest. Lets just say Shadow Word Death and I have a checkered past as it has killed me in 1 Curator (Evocate FTL), 2 Netherspite (Blue beam increased damage taken ftw!) and 1 Prince (yes I was enfeebled.../sigh) in Kara. Has yet to kill me in 25-man's though, but with all the spell debuffs being applied it's not abnormal for it to crit in the 3500 range, so I still have to be careful when to use it. Virtually every instance of sheer brain-fartedness was followed by an "Awww ****!" on vent and a few tea-bags from guildies after the fights.
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