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Default Re: GeForce Go 7900 GS black flash screen

I'm getting different performance now that I unplugged my external monitor and am using the internal laptop LVDS. Now, the powermizer is falling to zero most all the time. It stayed at 2 when I was using the external LCD. Maybe it only works on internal???

I notice flashes across the screen frequently and occasional brief freezes.

I'm using 169.09 on a Quadro NVS 100M (aka Go 7300).

I tried running coolbits to see if I could configure the clock to stay at the highest level. I enabled it, selected 2D Clock Frequencies, the default levels were 100 Mhz GPU and 400 MHz Memory, and the slider on GPU only goes to 200 (chipset is 350) which would be level 2 on powermizer. I tried manually entering 350 in the box to the left of the slider as well as 600 under Memory and hit apply. It seemed to accept it because the boxes went grey with those levels. But, the powermizer still changed back to 0 and lowered the GPU / Memory, even on 2D.

Next, I tried the PerfLevelSrc option and now the powermizer seems to be staying at 2. That seems to be what's needed to eliminate the flashes and mini freezes. (I had previously reported that this didn't work for me when I was using my external LCD .. not because the powermizer was dropping to 0 but because it was never changing below 2 .. with or without PerfLevelSrc).

The only negative is the laptop is running about 10 C warmer on powermizer 2 versus powermizer 0. Seems like Nvidia needs to do some work on the the responsiveness of powermizer to demand. Hopefully it will improve in the future.

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