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Default BD-ROM Drives for PC. Your thoughts?

well, im looking at getting a BD drive for my PC. i have a 42" HDTV at home that's 1080i. i would probably get the drive and then use the HDTV out with my 8800GT to play the movie on the TV.

how would the quality be if i were to do this? i know i wont have DTS and all the audio perks, but that's ok for now since my sound system is lacking anyways. would it still look ok? i mean, i could just run it at 1080p on my 24" Dell, but id like to output it to my HDTV with a nice picture.

heres the drive:

i have a bestbuy gift card, that's why i chose that site. let me know what you all think.

EDIT: also would i have problems with the firmware? ie, can i upgrade the firmware or what? is this a non-issue with ROM's?
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