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Default Re: WoW: Alliance or Horde?

Originally Posted by nVJoe
It isn't overpowered. It is nice but it won't help you in a fight. I used it as a faster way to get health back after fighting mobs.
I've read it doesn't scale well to 70, but for like, 1-30 its VASTLY more useful than any other class racial. Maybe Blood Fury, but only for classes that don't heal.

At 30 it was still like, 1/3rd of my health on a 3 minute cooldown. This is pretty impressive since its in the form of a HoT. As a warrior you only have to take 1.5 seconds to cast it (which isn't even enough time to lose a significant amount of Rage) before you charge the next mob. You don't have to channel it like a bandage and it doesn't break on damage like a lolwell hot.
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