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Default Re: WoW: Alliance or Horde?

Originally Posted by kazna
I've read it doesn't scale well to 70, but for like, 1-30 its VASTLY more useful than any other class racial. Maybe Blood Fury, but only for classes that don't heal.

At 30 it was still like, 1/3rd of my health on a 3 minute cooldown. This is pretty impressive since its in the form of a HoT. As a warrior you only have to take 1.5 seconds to cast it (which isn't even enough time to lose a significant amount of Rage) before you charge the next mob. You don't have to channel it like a bandage and it doesn't break on damage like a lolwell hot.
at 70 it is nothing. Actually below 35 it is good but those levels go so fast with the reduced xp per level and increase xp per quest. It just doesn't matter. Besides, warriors are the hardest class to level.
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