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Default Peg one core one new Dell XPS

I have a new Dell XPS 1730 which has a Dual 8700M video card. Before the 169 version of the driver, there was no support for this card, AFAICT.

Now, it runs and the performance is acceptable except that one core of the dual core CPU is pegged with interrupt requests whenever X is running. This isn't very good for battery life.

(attached is the requested debug information which explains in great detail any other information you might want).

Note that I'm only configuring one of the two GPU's in the config file. Configuring both GPU's seems to fail. It should be technically possilbe to configure one GPU for the panel and one GPU for the external display --- this might even be optimal in that the DPI could be set correctly, but I havn't gotten that to work (and if you look at the log, both displays seem to be attached to the one GPU).
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