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Default Re: The Auzen X-Tension HDMI 1.3

It's an extension board specifically for auzentech branded cards, not necessarily the prelude. It allows you to output sound through HDMI for use with a receiver that supports it.

I would imagine that the video input would accept any HDMI/DVI video signal, regardless of the source, and then multiplex it with the audio signal. Your video card wouldn't matter. Personally I would prefer the video and audio be on a separate path, so I won't be using that anyways (just run the audio directly to my receiver and video directly to my monitor.)

Originally Posted by namuk
yea i think it is only for prelude . the hdmi 1.3 is for Dolby True HD and DTS HD
As well as 8ch LPCM, which would be better for games (you'd only use DTSHD and DTHD with movies.)
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