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Default Re: Official "I just got my GeForce 9600 GT" thread

Alright, I didn't feel like reinstalling everything yet, so here are some rough numbers for this setup. I would

imagine I should be able to get a little bit better numbers on this same setup after a clean install. All tests are

on Windows XP.

PC Specs:

2GB DDR2-800
Evga 9600GT KO (700MHz core) 512MB
Evga 6800GT 256MB (350Mhz Core)
Windows XP

The 6800GT is using the 169.21 driver and the 9600GT is using the 174.16 driver.

All tests were run at 1280 x 1024

First up 3dmark scores:


EDIT: I've re-run the 3dmark06 test and I'm getting a huge improvement now that I don't have something stealing cpu time in the background. I'll double check some of the other tests on the 9600GT and see if I had the same issue.

EDIT2: I double checked the rest of the tests and they check out okay, must have done something right before I ran 3dmark06.

9600GT KO

Then here are some game benchies:

World In Conflict

1280 x 1024
Medium Settings


Avg: 21
Min: 12
Max: 36


Avg: 61
Min: 34
Max: 129

1280 x 1024
Very High (4x AA 4x AF)


Avg: 5
Min: 2
Max: 16


Avg: 37
Min: 14
Max: 82

Company of Heroes

1280 x 1024
All settings Max except High textures


avg: 18.3
min: 5.9
max: 38

9600GT KO

avg: 59.6
min: 26
max: 61

1280 x 1024
Max Settings (Ultra textures)


avg: 8.4
min: 26
max: 1.4

9600GT KO

avg: 59.6
min: 23
max: 61

I don't have any other games installed at the moment with built in benchmarks so these are the two games I tested. As you can see this card delivers about 3x the performance of a 6800GT provided the framebuffer isn't overwhelmed on the 6800GT. Once you start using more than 256MB of ram the 6800GT is left to hang and you'll have to turn down settings. Company of Heroes is pretty clear that the CPU is the bottleneck in the test given the change in settings and little improvement. I just tested COH again with 8x CSAA 16x AF and there was no real difference in scores.

I'm going to play around with COD4 and see what that runs like now. No need to include and numbers for the 6800GT because it didn't run all that well at 800 x 600 with stuff turned down. I'll just give a subjective opinion for it on the 9600GT.

COD4 I'm using all in game settings maxed, 2x AA in game, and 16x AF from the Nvidia Control panel. (1280 x 1024 resolution) On a server with only 10 players I would usually stay 50+ fps until I hit the frame cap, and then I also tried a server with about 50 players on it. I'm staying at least 40+ as best as I could tell and I would say average fps is at least 60. Seems decent enough to me and I don't really notice any lag issues other than the fact that 50 people crammed onto one map is too many.
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