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Default Re: WoW: Alliance or Horde?

Originally Posted by jolle
Im feeling hte gnome hate in BGs.. as soon as I pop out of stealth I get nuked by everyone nearby..
If thats cause the horde acctually defend their healers, or everyone just hates me I dunno.. hehe.

I went alliance just to join some friends that already started on that server.
I wanted to go horde on a PVP server, but were gangpressed into ally on non pvp.
Got some horde alts on a pvp server tho, hopefully Ill get one of em to 70 and find a decent guild one day.

BTW, I find drenai unbearably gay, specially the male and its run cycle animations.
Blood elves are also terrible...
Yeh....I hate gnomes.
I have to admit that I do pick on them in BGs.
Infact...almost everyone that I play with on the horde side hates them to.
So yeh, its likely you are getting picked on.

I play horde...but seriously, I cant stand Belfs either...
So very very gay.
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