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Default Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Released today, I got it at Target for $35 mainly for its premise, which I thought was cool. Plus I buy almost every half-decent FPS.

So far the game is dissapointing. I played the 360 demo and thought with PC control and resolution it could be a lot of fun, but the game is barely a PC game at all. It's "consolized" to the point of disgust... There are NO graphics settings other than a general low, medium or high "detail" option and resolution. There might be a way to force AA or AF through a control panel, but there is no way to make the textures look better than terrible. To add insult to injury the menu doesn't even accept mouse control, which is... insanely sloppy? Blah.

THAT SAID, the game's premise is cool enough to make it worthwhile for those with lower standard like myself. I didn't play long, but it also seems to have a very cinematic flair to it, which is cool. In 10 minutes I shot down paratroopers, tossed a guy of a building, fell 30 stories in an elevator and other such things... could be cool in the long run.

Here's some pics:

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