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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Originally Posted by ATi
try this " don't know if this will help all but if it helps a few that will be awesome. i got the error wrong disk mesg for disk 1 and app not found for disk 2 after i installed it.i could not start the game. i don't know if anybody has tried this or not but it works for me. i put in disk 1 and when the black start up box pops up on the screen that reads play,uninstall, etc, i leave that alone and eject disk 1 then put in disk 2 and click on play on the black start up box that disk 1 brought up as soon as i put in disk 2 and then wait a few secs and it starts fine. and now the game runs great. as for the freezing i left the video settings alone and it works fine. if i move the video settings at all it will freeze every ten secs. i hope this helps some people out. " dont work for me
Doesn't work for me either... same "stopped working" error as launching it from the games explorer.
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