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Originally Posted by Bearclaw
Redeemed. You have a nice speaker setup up going on there with those full towers! I am impressed. I have an older pair of towers but not sure how I would go about hooking them up to my PC.

I have 2 tower speakers that have the positive/negative hookups (The kind where you clamp down the thin coper wire) and that is all. Would I have to get a receiver or something to go in between my PC and the speakers?
I could've sworn you and I discussed this before...

Anywho... yeah, you'll need a receiver to go between to PC and the speakers. You could use a stereo receiver, or a surround (5.1 + ) receiver, which ever you prefer.

Really, you cannot beat this kinda' sound for the PC. It truly is awesome. It creates a whole new level for games, music, and even movies on your PC. Give it a go. You'll be glad you did.
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