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Default Re: BD-ROM Drives for PC. Your thoughts?

Originally Posted by Riptide
Ah OK. Seems like I tried to open a ripped movie with WMP11 but it had no idea what to do with it. The VC-1 codec was there. Still, wouldn't open the movie. Wonder what I was doing wrong.
you probably had trouble with audio, there is no EAC3, DTS HD, etc.. codecs on PC outside of PowerDVD ultra, Showtime and WinDVD. Those can't be used by any other player.

but EAC3, DTS HD, true HD and all those other new audio streams can be converted to Sorround Sound 5.1 AC3 very easily.

DTS HD can be stripped down to pure DTS

Video quality i can see the difference between WMP11 and PowerDVD Ultra,

But i can't hear the difference between EAC3 or AC3, or between DTS HD and DTS.
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