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Default Re: Frontlines: Fuel of War

Okay, the official forums cured my freezing problem... something in the game's foliage is bugged and you have to turn foliage off to prevent freezing. Here are the official solutions for me if you are having serious issues with the game:

SecuROM error or crash at start: Update your bios and motherboard drivers, this solved the problem for me.

Game freezing constantly in gameplay: Set "foliage" in the advanced graphics section all the way to the left, or off.

Soooooo, now the game runs, how is it? I really like it. Let me get one thing out of the way though, do NOT buy this game for singleplayer... like Quake Wars and UT3 the singleplayer is basically just multi with bots. The game is a lot like Quake Wars only I would say more hectic in a lot ways... probably not quite as polished as QW, but maybe more fun and interesting overall. The story that sets the stage is pretty awesome as well.

The battle drones and such are pretty fun to use and switch the gameplay up a bit... I liked toward the end of level one where you can hide outside the gate and let flying or driving drones clear the base out. Not really any other gadgets or vehicles so far in level one...

Graphics look pretty sweet, or at least have the potential to look really sweet... I haven't tweaked at all yet. One lame thing, there seems to be no AA settings and the jaggies are running rampant. I'll check and see tonight if I can force AA through nVidia. There are a LOT of graphics options though, so it's not a lame console port with no tweaking... textures can look really nice.

If you were dissapointed with QW but like that style of play you might want to keep an eye on Frontlines... if you are bored of QW but liked it I would say buy Frontlines. If you're not into objective-based multiplayer, stay far away. I'll try and get some screens tonight if no one else beats me to it.
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