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Default Re: Triple Head for NVIDIA graphics cards?

I think this thread is more current than ever before. Funny to see that people in 2002 thought that 3 displays on a game is a gimmic. Not anymore.

NVidia two monitor span mode is actually useless for most games since the optical axis in just about all games is right in the center of the 3D screen which means just on the seam between two monitors. You can't see where you drive walk or fly.

Using two dual head graphics cards is a solution but now the 3D application needs to share context between the cards which takes time and thus causes low frame rates.

Yet a product like Matrox Triplehead2go deals with that elegantly and people are amazed at the performance. A single card and no context sharing.

I think today the market is very ripe for a triple head card. New cards also should be able to do real-time barrel correction in addition to keystone correction so that the images can be projected undistorted side by side on a curved 180 deg field of view filling screen. LCD projectors have become cheap enough for such setups.

At the very least I expect NVidia to allow to span a 3D context across two graphics cards configured in SLI thus spanning up to 4 monitors.

There a market for a triple head card. With LCD monitors at dirt cheap prices you'd be mad not to run with at least 3 displays all the time. I have been running a system with two 7900GT cards and 3 19" WXGA monitors for over a year and I find a dual screen setup just too cramped.

(Also I want decent stereo drivers back for the NVidia card)
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